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    Xinxing Yishan(Tianjin) Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

    Tianjin Yishan construction machinery Co.,LTD?.



    Wetland crawler type bulldozer

    The whole machine introduction:
    In order to build a mountain-moving boutique and ensure technology leadership, the company has comprehensively upgraded its current products and developed the Shishanlong series of bulldozers. The series of bulldozers has six patent technologies, including floating support and automatic idle speed series. The “wetland dragon” means Yishan wetland. Pushing the land wetland work is handy – like a dragon into the sea! The transmission system continues the high reliability of the Shisan 160 series. The appearance is specially designed from the spray coating and decals. The interior of the cab is sealed and optional with a new air booster and negative ion generator. It has low noise and dust. Function; adopts stall protection, automatic idle speed, electronically controlled throttle control system, which has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection and prevents abnormal heating of the hydraulic system; the side door adopts the overall opening design, and the maintenance is convenient; the cylinder moves forward, the hydraulic system efficiency is improved: the system is improved by the left hand. Centralized operation. With the national III stage engine, the power is strong enough to meet environmental requirements.


    Model TS160H
    Engine Model WP10G178E355
    Power Rating[kw/r/min] 131/1850
    Fuel consumption rate[g/kw·h(g/ps·h)] ≤215
    Maximum torque [N·m/r/min] 830/1150
    Bulldozer form Straight tilting shovel
    Use mass(kg) 17678
    Minimum turning radius(m) 4.3
    Climbing capacity(degree) 30°
    Forward speed(km/h) 2.7/3.7/5.4/7.6/11.0
    Backward speed (km/h) 3.5/4.9/7.0/9.8
    Track center distance(mm) 2170
    Track ground length(mm) 3140
    Track plate width (standard) (mm) 1070
    Grounding pressure (kpa) 26.3
    Minimum ground clearance (to lower cowling) (mm) 510
    Overall machine dimensions L×W×H (mm) 5779×4150×3079
    Shovel shape size L×W(mm) 4150×970
    Cutting angle of bulldozer blade (゜) 55
    Max. lifting height of shovel(mm)(from the ground) 1026
    Maximum cutting depth of shovel blade(mm)(from the ground) 469
    Maximum tilt of shovel blade (mm) (from the ground) 789
    Track plate (number of one side) (section) 44
    System pressure (Mpa) 13.7




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